Vego Family Package


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All Vego products to try out

Discover the world of Vego with our Family Package! 🌎 Try all of our products and get to know us. 🍫 Taste the difference and become part of the Vego family.

Vego Crisp
Creamy Chocolate & Rice Crisps

40 g vegan enjoyment (organic)
Vego Whole Hazelnut
Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
150 g vegan enjoyment (organic)

Vego Dark
Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate
85 g vegan enjoyment (organic)

180 g bag (organic)

Vego Spread crunchy
Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
350 g glass (organic)

Vego Melts
Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts
180 g bag (organic)

Vego White
Almond Bliss White Chocolate
50g vegan enjoyment (organic)

Vego Mini
Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Mini
65 g vegan enjoyment (organic)